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Frosha products were first introduced to the market in 2000. Since then our company has had the reputation of a reliable supplier of the canned healthy food. Our main goal is to satisfy the needs of our customers by bringing them high quality products.

Since the foundation of our company, we have been aimed at making the customers feel and look healthy. We all know that to achieve that we need to eat food full with nutrition elements, which implies daily intake of sufficient calories, fat, vitamins, certain minerals, and amino acids. That is why we have concentrated on producing canned food, which is part of balanced diet. Every year we are trying our best to increase the range of low-sugar, low-fat and low-salt canned food.

Why do we think that our products are a great supplement to a healthy diet? Nearly all our canned foods are fat-free. We do not use chemical preservatives but preserve food through natural heat methods. Besides, most canned foods are higher in vitamins and micronutrients than fresh or frozen counterparts.

To make sure of that, check the product range of our healthy food: whole and sliced mushrooms, sweet kernel corn, and canned fruit.



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